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Learn the pros and cons of publishing your
book on your own terms.

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From writing craft to business craft, Dara Beevas’ new book, The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider’s Guide to Self-Publishing, covers the range of necessary skills for the self-published writer. A clearly written, comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to self-publish.
-Bella Andre, Bestselling self-published author of Can’t Help Falling In Love

The Indie Author Revolution will Teach You:

  • All the key areas of self-publishing success- from vetting your manuscript ideas to crafting your publishing plan, for both print and electronic books.
  • Advice, tips and tools from real-life indie authors and book publishing professionals to help you avoid missteps in writing, publishing and marketing.
  • The pros and cons od doing it yourself, working with an indie press and everything in-between.